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We have set links to pages of other people. For all these links we claim: "We announce that we have no influence on the appearance and content of the linked pages. Therefor we neglect any responsibility for the appearance and content of these pages including all under-pages. This declaration is valid for all linked pages except of the ones that are explicitly created by us."

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Harald Kautz-Vella
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16866 Guntow OT Görike

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Harald Kautz-Vella
Gumtower Weg 1
16866 Gumtow OT Görike

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Medical Disclaimer

Regarding the actual state of laws we announce explicitly that all statements on this page do not promise healing from any kind of disease. Diagnosis and therapy of mental of physical diseases and other personal disorders requires treatment by a doctor and/or a healing practitioner. The information on this page is solely to be understood as an act of information, they are not replacing medical advice but are only meant to be helpful to find the most appropriate medication/treatment in the full self-responsibility of the patient. According to the described application of the named remedies we claim that all connected information is solely anecdotal, and that no representative medical testing has been done. Healing properties of the named remedies are at the moment not approved by the established medical science.