Bothered by the Spanish Flu

October the 10th 2005 news occurred that the pathological institute of the US army recovered the full genetic code of the Spanish flu of 1918 from a corps found in Alaska. Subsequently the influenza-institute at the Erasmus Medical University in Rotterdam, a sister-institute of the Kawaoka Institute of Infectious Virus Research an der University of Wisconsin, Madison, weaponized the virus. From here on the public lost track of the story. It is very likely that the super-virus created was brought to Diego Garcia and has been tested on the passengers of flight MH370 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean March 2014. Flight route, last sighting and fuel reserves - and the fact that the mobiles were still reachable 24 hour after the disappearing of the plane - do not leave space for a different interpretation of the facts.

One also might regard a proven, that the flight MH17 that was brought down over the Ukraine July 2014 actually was MH370. The position of the tin-closed windows at the position of the coffee-kitchen is bijective. According to Ukrainian sources - unlike the passenger list - most of the passengers found dead were Asians and already smelling of decay only hours after the crash.

Radionic testing of pictures showing the dead bodies showed in the frame of the informative value of this testing method that the passengers actually died of the Spanish flu.

Alarmed by the idea that the Spanish Flu might spread from the Ukraine the timeloop consortium decided to develop a flu-related formula, that relates to the special properties of the Spanish flu. Like all other developments it was based on the findings of the environmental medicine, i.e. it does not spot the microbes al enemies, instead, it tries to create an environment, in which the microbes are not welcome by nature and thus reduce their population by themselves.

It contains:

  • The information field of the Maitake-fungus. Fungi are the natural antagonists of viruses. Wherever a fungus prospers, viruses by nature reduce their population.
  • The information field of probiotic microorganisms, simulating a fully populated environment that simply does'nt leave space to pathogenic microbes. This is meant to prevent the deadly bacterial co-infections the Spanish flu is feared for.
  • Monoatomic gold to strengthen the ability of the cell tissue to regenerate.
  • A special type of water generated by repetitive motion-patterns on top of quartz crystals. The water has a cluster structure that is close to natural cell-water and it doesn't have the ability to carry nano-structures within the cluster environment. This is meant to reduce the mobility of viruses
  • A complex infopathic virus-related program.

Till today it was not possible to find out why the Spanish flu did not evolve to a fully grown epidemic. Still, the developed formula anecdotally showed its ability to reduce the symptoms of normal flus that might lead to co-infections. Especially the ability to reduce nervous cough, muscular pain, skin-irritations, fever and ague occurred anecdotally. All anecdotally observations showed courses of disease of 4-5 days, and no co-infection occurred.

We explicitly state that this concept does in no way is understood as a remedy against given infections, it is solely meant to prevent co-infections by quasi-cosmetic moisturizing and nourishing of the mucous membranes. Therefor the product was classified as a prophylactic food supplement.