About the time loop-Consortium

time loop is a consortium of scientists founded in 2013 with the objective to understand the morgellons disease and announce possible prophylactic solutions to be found in the field of Environmental Medicine.

In cooperation with the Austrian company biopure the consortium created a number of products that - being food supplementary - have the potential to serve as a prophylactical solution for a number of morgellon-related diseases - that normally show up before an outbreak of the morgellons and that have been classified as non-healable:

  • Cryptopyroluria
  • Pathogenic candida
  • Malfunction of the liver
  • Herpes as a secondary symptom serving the extraction of fungus-poisons from the body
  • Lime disease
  • The secondary detox mechanisms neurodermatitis/hay fever/asthma

The morgellons disease can be traced back to transhumanistic technologies. These technologies utilize self-replicating nano-bots that are half biological, half technological units. These units are dependent of a supply of heavy metal compounds to function. While trying to understand this concept, other artificial particles caught our attention. This led us to a new understanding of degenerative old age diseases. While dealing with the complex interaction of mercury poisoning, lack of cooper, piezoelectric nano-particles and heavy metal poisoning we developed a new concept to prophylactically treat the following diseases.

  • Alzheimer
  • Dementia
  • Creutzfeldt Jakob
  • Parkinson
  • ALS

Remedies are about to be released.

Due to the tremendous side effects of antibiotics onto the biochemical environment that have been revealed during our research, the consortium did its best to develop an non-harming alternative to the treatment with antibiotics.

As an answer to the weaponizing of the Spanish flue by the US military the consortium developed a influenza-remedy that is designed to prophylactically reduce the danger of bacteriological co-infections, by moisturization and calming of the mucosa. These co-infections had been the reason for the high mortality of the Spanish flue back in the 20s. Anecdotally, the remedy developed also was used to successfully treat the symptoms of less dangerous influenza-infections.