According to hitherto findings the morgellons disease is a mycosis caused by a to date unknown genus of fungi. The disease is not officially recognized; hence there is no acknowledged list of symptoms available. According to different estimations about 300.000 to 600.000 patients worldwide are affected by serious symptoms related to the disease.

During medical treatment it showed that an infection with morgellons hardly ever leads to visible symptoms. Visible symptoms normally appear only with a weakened immune system. Therefore the research also touches the typical diseases that lie under a heavy morgellon infection and are responsible for the weakening of the immune system. It is hard to estimate how many people are actually infected without showing symptoms. It is very likely that the majority of the population of the western countries has been in contact with morgellons, however their immune system manages to handle the disease more or less without showing visible symptoms.

The morgellons disease relates to a number of symptoms. However up to date the disease is not officially recognized. And therefore there is no official list of symptoms. Normally patients are diagnosed having "delusional parasitosis" and are treated with psychopharmaca.

Morgellons under a microscope.  

After the analysis of photographic documentations from various patients, and a number of interviews regarding previous diseases, the consortium came to the following conclusion: The morgellons disease is a mycosis, that with a given infection shows open symptoms only in the case that the chemical environment in the human body is in a condition that supports the needs of the fungus. Hence the fungus is not listed in biological records, and the mycelium apparently is distributed from airplanes, the idea emerged that morgellons are a genetically modified species, a weaponized myco-insecticide, i.e. a bio-weapon applied against humanity. This would explain why the health authorities deny the existence of the disease.

The symptoms regularly associated with the morgellons disease are:

  • itching under the skin,
  • open and slow-healing lesions with blue and red fibers as well as blue hexagonal structures growing out of the skin.
  • Anal and vaginal parturition of morgellon fruiting bodies.
  • Having the feeling of insects crawling under the skin. This feeling of being obsessed by insect like beings anecdotally is not necessarily a direct cause of the morgellon infection. Single patient have been completely healed from the morgellon infection however still had the problem of sensing insects crawling within the body. Apparently this crawling is what leads to the regular diagnosis of delusional parasititis.
  • There are anecdotal reports of a 28-day life cycle of the morgellons, ending with the parturition of the fruiting bodies.
  • Shortly before the parturition one female patient reported of heaving the sensation of a strong extraction of bio photons from her body. The process was triggered by pain in the intestines and was experienced as if energy is flowing from the head to the lower body, accompanied with a rhythmically pulsed suction that appears as a sound in the ears. According to her own words the patient during this process of bio-photon-extraction suffered from fever and physical weakness.
  • People with heavy infections show a number of psychologic patterns. They might become very egocentric, obsesed about talking about their disease, but at the end about 90% miss out on their appointments with doctors, as soon as real help is underway. The disease seems to have the abillity to take over part of the consciosness of the patients. Similar symptoms are reported from borrelia. It is advised to have someone assisting with the medical appointments and the application of medication.
  • Single patients also show whole insect-parts growing out of their flesh.

Due to the ability of the morgellons to assimilate parts of the DNA and carry the morphogenesis of a higher being, possible relatives or ancestors of the eventually genetically modified fungus could be two bio-insecticides: Beauveria brongnartii und Metarhizium. Due to its morphogenesis and the ability to affect humans another fungus might be related: Basidiobulus, the fungus that causes the perianal crohn disease.

Mycoinsectizides and their closest knownrelatives attacking humans.

If the several thousand photos processed by the consortium weren't fake, the Morgellon first grows through the cell tissue, including - according radionic testing - bones and brain. To reproduce, the fungus crosses through the stomach barrier and developed its fruiting bodies within the intestines, and sometimes also within the uterus. According to one single patient with strong symptoms one live cycle of these fruiting bodies takes 28 days. The fruiting bodies carry a humanoid morphogenesis. Typical properties of the fruiting body are a shrimp-like form with a hip, a head with a distinct forehead similar to the human embryo in the 20th week of pregnancy, naval cord, a reptile shaped tail and one single insect eye. There are male and female forms, who might form unisexual multiple siames twins within one fruiting body. The female forms are rather oval and carry pearl-chain-like patterns of red eggs or stem cells under their skin, that have been described by the carnicom institute as modified human red blood cells that basically withstand everything, burning with a Bunsen flame, deep freezing, vacuum and treatment with acids. The male forms are rather slim and produce a single "bulbus" like structure, i.e. something resembling the mail reproductive organ of a spider. The single insect eye at the same time is the reproductive organ of the fungus itself, producing transparent multilayered hexagonal structures carrying the spores of the fungus.


Following the laws concerning medical practice and trade with pharmaceuticals, the consortium is not allowed to promise healing or advise distinct treatments available. The fact that the morgellons disease is not even related to an officially recognized frame of symptoms makes the legal aspects of this situation even more complex.

The consortium has come to the conclusion that with many forms of mycosis the question if the infection develops heavy symptoms is subject to the chemical environment within the body, and to the vitality of the immune system. Following this opinion, the consortium believes that the best way to heal such infections without side effects is to readjust the chemical environment within the body of the patient. According to this opinion it is not of primary importance to attack or kill the fungus, but simply to re-adjust the parameters of the system back to normal. These parameters are acidity, availability of certain minerals and vitamins in the body, and the amount of toxins and heavy metals both circulating and deposited in the body. The condition of the environment in the human body is mainly subjected to the uptake of toxins from food and environmental pollution, by genetic pre-disposition and by chronic infections that influence the ability of the body to process food and detox itself. After having evaluated a number of interviews with heavy morgellon cases, the consortium has identified a repeating pattern of previous diseases that seem to form an environment that supports the outbreak of a heavy morgellon infection. These previous diseases are: Pyroluria, camouflaged candida and borrelia-infections.

  • Pyroluria originally was a genetically caused disease that blocks the ability of the body to take up vitamin B6 and zinc. A lack of vitamin B6 and zinc affects the ability of the body to detox. 2-3% of the population were affected. Nowadays 30-40% of the population are affected by a secondary pyroluria caused by mercury poisoning.
  • Camouflaged candida is a mutation of normal candida-forms. They appear after the application of antibiotics and a follow-up treatment with antimycotics. They stop appearing in their normal yeast-like appearance, instead form isolated bubbles in the blood that camouflage themselves by placing fungus-receptors on the outer surface of the bubble. The immune system hence looses its ability to recognize and attack these candida-enclaves. The c-candida lives from glucose only. By fermenting the sugar it produces acids and various mycotoxins. According to Ekkehard Sirian Scheller, this c-candida additionally is associated to an under function of the liver, i.e. with a loss of the ability of the liver to detox itself and especially the nervous system. This especially concerns mercury.
  • Borrelia is known to produce a high variety and amounts of toxins and acids, as well as to use up essential minerals like magnesium.

In this context fungal infections appear in a different light. One could state that the fungi do not attack the body, but that the body takes advantage of the ability of the fungus to absorb and deposit toxins, especially heavy metals. With morgellons this ability leads to the up-concentration of the blue and red nano-dyes within the fibers. On the long hand this mechanism leads to a heavy mycosis and a complete intoxication of the human body with fungi, acids and heavy metals.

Against this background the consortium advises to treat a mycosis caused by the mis-adjustment of the chemical environment within the body by readjusting this chemical environment. This especially concerns the treatment of the three common underlying diseases, pyroluria, c-candida and borrelia infections, as well as the treatment of the acidity of the body and the detoxing of heavy metals.

As to the diagnosis of possible genetic pre-dispositions we advise to consult a physician or healing practitioner. As to special diets, food supplements and other alternative treatments we advise to study the findings of the environmental medicine by Dietrich Klinghardt and/or the consultation of a Klinghardt-therapist.

Due to the fact that up to now the morgellons disease has not been officially recognized, the pharmaceutical industry has no legal frame to develop any treatment. The only products that can be offered legally are of energetic, radionic or infopathic character. However, because of the lack of recognition of these methods it is forbidden to give advice on or advertise single products.

There is a solution available out of the field of "infopathica" that has been developed within this consortium following its findings. For legal reasons the name of the product cannot be published here. "Infopathica" is a trademark registered by Ekkehard Sirian Scheller.