White Goo Probiotikum

While searching for Black Goo of earth-origin the consortium came across stories about an oil dwell near Modena/Italy, that has been reported to have delivered an oil quality, that was utilized from the 14th to the 17th century by the Vatican to heal the black death. However, the dwell fell dry towards the end of the 17th century. The local vernacular says this has been a punishment for the greed the church was driven by, while selling the remedies to the rich only. Later on, more oil was recovered by deep-drilling, but the healing properties never again came even close to the oil of the early centuries.

Since 2014 the mud vulcanos associated to this oil dwells again show a slight film of oil on the surface. Therefore we decided to test if the oil once again would develop the former healing qualities.

Due to the circumstance that the quantities would never be high enough to base the production of medical products upon them, we decided to utilize the infopathic field of the oil.

According to radionic testing - in the framework of the informational value of such a testing methode - the results were promising. Combining the infopathic field of the oil with dragon tree blood and artemisia the consortium developed an infopathic formula, that eventually could serve as an alternative to antibiotics, when antibiotics are contraindicated due to resistance of microbes or due to antibiotics intolerance. Thus we decided to classify it as a probioticum. It is meant to strengthen the ability of the biological system to self-organize.

It might deliver solutions wherever medicine has to deal with resistant microbes, especially with hospitalism, but it also could be of interest to those who prefer to avoid using antibiotics, being aware of the side effects to the biological system like described in the chapter about the genesis of the Morgellons disease.

We explicitly announce, that this is no approved medicine, it contains no active ingredients, and in the sense of school medicine i.e. the infection theory there is no direct negative impact onto bacteria, viruses or fungi. This is also not an homeopathicum, because the informational content is not potentiated. It is not designed to replace a medical remedy or homeopathicum.