Connecting the dots?

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Connecting the dots?

Postby zeroOne23 » Sun Aug 07, 2016 11:48 am

Hello Harald

I hope this message reaches you and that my opening of a new blog category was appropriate.

Firstly, a deep thank you for your personally brave detailed and revealing excellent work. You have brought forward a whole new level of understanding with clarity plus healing solutions.

I write as I have a 'join dots’ idea which may, in part, be new to you? Are you familiar with “Electric Universe” / “Worlds in Collision” theory? View a detailed presentation here:

(Part x2 of 3)

… part x1 goes deeply into the seeing behind the traumatic world culture myths and legends of this cosmic sequence of events.

An interesting summary of multiple combined theories ... "Purple Dawn”:

My simple connection is that possibly this truly awesome mechanism was the agent for the meteor storm that destroyed Lemuria and brought the apparent alien influence here? Z.Stardust and the nano Spiders from Mars! A core idea of alien goo as central to the beautifully crafted animated film: "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”:

Possibly the origins of the influences are closer to home than a roaming Borg style hive takeover or Niburu possibility? The Purple Dawn summary does make sense of the whole Saturn worship black square obsession / original reptilian masters of the Earth gang that runs the show. If at all partly true, you might even grasp their perspective :/

Just a thought. I trust you are well.
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