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My name is Cindy I'm from the United States ,Florida, actually suffering from Morgellons for past 8 years It's been a tearful fearful exhausting Journey but I will never give up I like so many other sufferers have lost my livelihood my friends my family my money everything to this monster I am a Christian woman faithful to my God forever. when Dr. Kautz speaks of this being a spiritual disease. I can definitely relate ,as I feel that it must have demonic connections because of the behavior of the thing. everyday when my eyes open I am faced with the pain and the exhaustion ,when I try to move in the morning I Cry ,I don't know why this is being done to me but being Christian I know that if I speak to the darkness and command it to leave in Jesus name that it must ,but this entity does not,. that is the root of my confusion .this fungus is primarily in my fingers and toes, there is something that is in my thumb on my right hand that seems to be the boss of it all ,I did manage to get some of it out one time it was a hell of a fight and it looked like an octopus or part of an octopus I thought I had got of the monster that lay at the core of my troubles .i I had killed it whatever this thing is it is under my right thumb nail randomly it vibrates 3 x sometimes 4. it seems to me like a very intelligent plant very diligent and as stubborn as I am When this began 8 years ago I was the picture of physical health muscular and strong. physically that is, I was going through severe depression and was in a sad state when after working one day I decided to risk a bath in the mobile home where I lived this was an old mobile home with plenty of mold and a crack in the tub it had been there for years I imagine and many former tenants showered with their filth going not down the drain, but through this crack, I figured if I line the wall and tub completely with visqueen plastic that I can hold the hot pain relieving water in the tub and soak in it but I fell asleep as I was very tired ,when I woke I knew something was wrong. horribly wrong .was very frightened and confused as to what it was but I knew that something was wrong a few days later about the same time I started dropping everything I tried to pick up lesions started forming on my forearms and hands, mystified I had no idea what was happening to me what I do remember is there was a knot on my jaw that I could press my fingers into and move it under my skin from my jaw to my cheekbone all around my face ,it's simply moved where I pushed it I could not see it but I could feel it about the size of a marble cut in half about that time a friend came over and saw my lesions and said I know what you have it's Morgellons I looked it up on the computer and I did not have some of the symptoms I had all of the symptoms ever since then I have spent my life researching and going to countless doctors trying to be understood as you all know that just might be the hardest part of Morgellons. NEVER ,have I been a sickly person or a liar or a hypochondriac but even my own mother thinks I've lost my mind. the friends that I had that say they believe me,BUT behind my back giggle and laugh that Cindy has lost her mind so there's no one to trust I understand like you do how it feels to be utterly alone but that's when I realized I wasn't alone the best friend anybody could ever have is our savior and I've grown closer to him I wouldn't trade the trust that I have in my God for the absence of this disease it was the pain that brought me close to him and that's all that matters but of all the information I've gathered years Dr. Kautz makes the most sense to me, I am grateful for all of his work Need him to see this picture of the spider and see if this is what he speaks of I have thousands more pictures but no one will look at them I would love to share them with anyone who ask me. I would like to have a friend and confidant who has this disease who I can relate to and who can relate to me more about my symptoms as I said they're primarily in my hands under my nails that's where most of my pictures come from. the others are things that would magically appear on my white carpeting these things were all over my house I even have a VIDEO OF A yellow piece,that shows while you watch the video These shrimp light beings evolving from nowhere from out of the Peace of Yellow Matter a strand of something seems to be the root it is very fantastic but everyone that I've shown it to has ran away nobody wants to see these pictures it is Confounding too many that no one will have a look they simply say EWW,that's gross I can't stand to look at that is freaking me out! back to what I was telling you as long as I'm awake I can't help myself but to pull at the goo and ringlets that feed from underneath my fingernails. it is my right hand that I pull AT and when I grip this goo With spiny sacs in it .it immediately absorbed into my left hand that is pulling at it I've tried every kind of glove than I can find and none no fabric no texture that I have found is able to stop the absorption into my left hand. I have tied my arms off two cut off circulation and found that it seems to circulate out of my right hand into my left hand around my shoulders in a circle when I cut off this path there is a painful bulge at the site of the constriction, it gets angry, you can not tell me that this is a delusion one cannot photograph a delusion I know what I know! Well there's a million more unbelievable things that I can tell you but it's never ending I can't tell anyone without them sure that I'm insane but alas I am not, if you have Morgellons then you know what I mean, when dr. kautz says that this is a physical spiritual and emotional disease that's when I started believing him no one else has seem to make that connection I would love to hear from anyone you can relate to what I said and God bless you dr. PLS SEE PICS
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