The numbers are frequencies

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The numbers are frequencies

Postby giuseppe » Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:52 am

#1Hz) left equal field, no field
#2Hz) shows the opening
#3Hz) prepares all the energy for operation for all the fields ( the base)
#4Hz) collects in the center all the power (energies)
#5Hz) is not stopping with other fields, stays neutral. #5Hz is needed when you mixing the
different tones like a pulse. (More to be explaining with time for 5 Hz)
#6Hz) discovers the opening of the fields. Witch field is located in what point (locator).
#7Hz) is not staying only in one field but penetrates more in 2 to 3 fields. #7Hz has incredible
power when is in combination with 200 + Hz. (but for now is this)
#8Hz) gives(pribavia) more power, opens the fields when the fields have problems in their
centers(nedrata). In every molecule, do not forget that the Atom when is in the higher vibrations of the fields becomes an URON. ATOM=URON. 8Hz regulats this, so is not coming out of orbit.

The portals stay on top of each other.

When you see a field with particular sound you tone it with 8Hz field. When 8 is in combination
with other Hz this stays in one place without movement. 8 is stabilizer.

28Hz =2 shows the opening, 8 stabilizes

In this way the Hz are combining and the tones.

Every # is important, has a meaning where its
stays and when in front of what note (tone) is in the fields.


Hz is (+) and (-). Not only number. That is what is missing in the knowledge. The numbers are
very important where they are in combination with the space. Do not forget that in all space of
the energy field the polarization (-) and (+) is not equal. But when the frequency is given you
rotate time and space in 90 degrees, double it in all the mass and you will see that is possible to
heal anything and to manifest anything.

#9 is the God particle of all the matter in the Universe. That is bylaw for all the existence. Do
not combine #9 with any other number. 9 is the all numbers. The one and the all. Uranium is
#9 and is plugged in all the atom like particle. That is why is so important to understand the
function of all the physics with combination of all the matter of Meta and mega multi universes.

Chemical reaction is not possible by #9 frequency.

The numbers are frequencies. There not just numbers.
The combination itself gives the matter and the antimatter. Look beyond the matter.

Do you know what is the fourth matter? What isit?
The fourth matter is the crystalized structure of all the energies with conjunction with all the
numbers of frequencies. The fourth structure is the transformation to witch you need to proclaim throne of Omega constellation. All humans that are ready must go through it. It is not easy because requires incredible structure of crystalized potency of all the matter energy. One space cannot be in different position.

Pulsation equivalent on 5Hz is given when #5Hz is connected with the portals. 5Hz is one of
the most important frequencies, because is reversing the pulsation back and forth and (+) to (-).
Collaboration is needed it and micromanagement. #5Hz is stable only when is in the portal to
reverse. But when is completed is combine back to normal in the combination like a neutral but
only in combination with other Hz. When #Hz are given 5Hz picks the frequency sound (tone)
and moves to the direction that is more powerful in magnetic and gravitational field. After that
becomes the (+) and (-) pixels in light form. Not matter. Matters becomes when is complete only
in certain frequency combinations. #5Hz is the one frequency that regenerates all the
frequencies. Without 5Hz cannot be matter.
For more information please download
The Harmonic Reactor!my-book/vk2uy
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