I have a question.

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I have a question.

Postby animalme40 » Tue May 30, 2017 9:08 pm

Hello All,

I am new to this site so please be gentle. I have a black Rock in my possession that I have been strangely drawn to for years. So much so that I have began carrying it around with me in my purse. I receive a complete sense of peace from this palm sized rock. I find my attraction to it to be fascinating almost as though I cannot stop myself from holding it at times. The feeling of peace and tranquility is absolutely immense. The only other time I have felt such peace was when my heart stopped beating for 5 minutes and I was dead. My family was hit by a texting teenaged boy in March 2012. We were stopped at a red light when he hit us from behind with his truck at 45 mph. We were forced under the truck parked in front of us. The impact was so hard it raised the back tires of the truck in front of us off the ground by 5 inches. My 8 year old daughter was put into a wheelchair that night and I ruptured my spleen. We were very luck to have survived it. My heart stopped right before surgery to remove my spleen. It happened just as they put me on the table before any anesthesia was administered. I vividly remember being surrounded by warm light and a indescribable feeling of peace. It was gone too quickly and I woke to see the paddles pulling away from my chest. I instantly thought, "I'm back here? Noo I don't want to be back here." Then I blacked out. I have been seeking that peace and whole hearted feeling of love ever since. I seem to have found a small portion of it in this black rock. It's all very strange to me, but could my rock be one of the rocks that you speak about? It is polished and completely smooth with small blackish blue specks inside of it. My brother in law who is an oil worker gave it to me after he found it in the oil field here in Texas. It was polished when he found it, is round palm sized, and is heavier then it should be. You can also see into it when held up to light. Is this an average stone or something else? I can send pictures if needed. Thank you SO much for listening.
Take Care,
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